On the 1st May 1993 a meeting was held in Patna in which a formal resolution was adopted to constitute an organization for the purpose and named “ Centre for Documentation, Information, Research, Education, Communication and Training” to be called, in short, Centre DIRECT. The General Body, in its meeting held on 21st May 1993, chose its office bearers and decided that the organization be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. ADITHI promised to provide the initial financial support, so crucial to crossover our Infancy, our new office at Patna was inaugurated on 24 June 1993. On 12th August 1993 the organisation was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The Organisation has completed 27 glorious years, and has entered 28. Since its humble beginning, it has emerged as an independent non- profit organisation for undertaking Action Research, Advocacy, training dealing with multiple social issues of society. The Centre DIRECT has tried to justify the purpose of its establishment by taking up new challenges of various social aspects of rural life which engaged with marginalised communities and aimed to address the growing inequalities. Our organisation aimed to establish a society where men and women have equal participation in every sector concerning health, education, independent livelihood and participatory practices, and secure a safety net for child protection. Over the past years, the deliberate attempt has been made to remove social injustice by joining hands with global initiative to reduce the prevalence of slavery of many forms  and trafficking among the vulnerable sections of society.

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