The Centre DIRECT has been working for empowerment of women, youth and children to reach them full potential.

We work for raising an awareness building on violence, health, education, development and critical issues for women as an individual and collective empowerment. We are involved in production and the solution of distribution of creative materials of feminist issues. Dissemination of information on women’s rights, gender equality and building knowledge on needs of vulnerable groups of women are done.

Children are country’s future, but unfortunately, many of them are not able to enjoy the right to survival, protection, development and participation which are their basic rights. At the Centre DIRECT, we do whatever it takes to ensure that their rights are honoured.
Through our path-breaking programmes designed to reach out to the most marginalised communities in Bihar, we ensure that children stay unharmed and are able to unlock their true potential. We strive to ensure that no child falls out of safety net, and no child subjected to child-labour, child trafficking or any form of modern-day slavery in the state. During disasters, we are always among the first to respond and last to leave, providing life-saving humanitarian aid to children and their families.

We keep a vigil eye that no child falls out of safety net, and is never trafficked by the trafficker as they become quite active during natural disasters. We get children enrolled in the school after counselling of their parents who, sometimes, do not understand the importance of education in child’s life. By saving children, we transform their lives for better and forever.